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George Ahearn, Carl Claunch, Frank King, and Iggy Menendez from the Computer History Museum's IBM 1401 team, Jud McCarthy from Boca Raton, and Will Donzelli from Kingston worked with the Vintage IBM Computing Center team June 7-9th, 2017 to jumpstart restoration of TechWorks! IBM 1401 system donated by Paul Pierce, Portland, OR.  Thanks to all for a very productive effort!


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After three days of experienced analysis, circuitry repairs,  and hard thinking, the IBM 1401 system does basic arithmetic using toggles on control panel to input commands and data.  Spare parts and more work are needed to be able to read data from cards.  One tape drive was opened, cleaned, and analyzed.  In parallel, Iggy Menendez returned functionality to IBM 1440 system's 1311 disk drive, until hampered by CPU storage address issues.

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