The Shoe Tunes, a chorus of 80 + voices, and other musicians from across the Greater Binghamton area perform songs from vintage EJ Workers Chorus repertoires and today. They recreate an E J Workers Chorus concert, a Sunday concert in En Joie Park, and showcase songs of the nationalities drawn to the Triple Cities by the Endicott Johnson Corporation - Czech, Irish, Italian, Polish, Slovak, and Ukrainian. 

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Liner notes include a contextual essay - E J and its Music -  by labor historian, Melvyn Dubofsky, Emeritus Professor of History, Binghamton University.

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Adopter Track # Title Performed by
The Vanuga Family 1 50th Anniversary of EJ (1931) George F. Johnson, EJ Workers Band
2 EJ Chorus remembers EJ Music Memories
Robert C. Johnston Family 3 EJ Chorus traditional opening medley Shoe Tunes
Kyle & Patricia Brown 4 The Endicott Johnsons (1919) Shoe Tunes
5 Shine on Harvest Moon Shoe Tunes
6 Sundays in he park with George F. EJ Music Memories
7 George M. Cohan medley European Brass
Johnson City Rotary Club 8 High School Cadets March Dr. Bill Black, Wurlitzer 153
9 A maiden fair to see, HMS Pinafore Steve Nanni & Summer Savoyards
Naima Kradjian 10 Cry me a river Naima Kradjian
Lou and Jane Roma 11 Return to Sorrento Gene Perry, accordian
Stan Hayes, Sr. 12 Count your blessings Wayne Beddoe*,with Aimee Heavey, piano
13 Industrial King March (1919) Richard VanAuken, organ
Paul & Teri Komar 14 Marching Along Together, (EJ 1930s) Shoe Tunes
15 Scuffing Along Together (1948) Jack Caprio, for Hart & Caprio
Michael & Nancy Sherwood 16 As Time Goes By Ed Abram, piano
17 EJ Shoes after San Francisco Bay Blues Carousel Harmony Chorus
18 Darktown Strutters Ball Southerntiersmen Chorus
Donna A. Lupardo 19 The Guide Step Shoe Tunes
20 Przasniczka - The Spinner Valentina Kozlowski, Ewa Mackiewicz-Wolfe piano
21 Koline, Koline Dan Sablitch, button accordian
22 Rockin' the Kolomyjka European Brass
23 Inamorata waltz European Brass
Barbara & Chuck Goodwin 24 Immigrant Eyes Lou Ligouri, guitar
Mark & Pat Kriebel 25 Danny Boy John Andrews, with Maureen Helms,piano
Naima Kradjian 26 On a clear day Naima Kradjian
Everett & Katherine Kimball 27 The Prayer Shoe Tunes
28 EJ Chorus closing ode (1950s) Shoe Tunes

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