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Celebrating 50 Years of IBM

FREE Thanksgiving Saturday family event at the TechWorks! Workshop. It's a multi-generational event with fun for all to relax after Black Friday.


11AM-1PM: Half a century of IBM Endicott Technology Advances

  • IBM 1440 in action
    • Test your math skills against the ability of a half ton of 50 year old hardware with 8 Kb of memory to solve math problems. Talk with the 1440 restoration team.
  • IBM Blood Cell Processor in action
    • Alan Jones demonstrates the IBM Glendale technology pioneered 40 years ago that is used in hospitals today.
  • 50 years of printed circuit technology on display


  • Tech Talks on micro electronics - past, present, & future
  • One of the technical highlights will be the 2:30 talk by Michael Cadigan, a senior IBM manager who started his IBM career in Endicott in the 1980s. Now in Corporate Headquarters, Mr. Cadigan will share his vision for the future of microelectronics at IBM.

For less technical family members, we are offering His and Hers film versions of Man vs Machine. The Smartest Machine on Earth, the 2011 PBS/NOVA documentary on how IBM trained Watson to become Jeopardy Champ will be shown 11 AM, NOON, and 3:30 PM and the 1957 romantic comedy, Desk Set, where Katherine Hepburn as Bunny Watson matches wits with Emily EMARAC, an IBM mainframe programmed by Spencer Tracy 1:30 PM.


  • IBM family celebration
  • Reception - refreshments, beverages, and reminisces


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