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Jump into the Olympic spirit @ TechWorks! Open House President's Day

Randy Will.jpg

Get ready for Monday night’s final sledding event of the 2018 Olympics.  

Climb aboard a bobsled raced in the Sochi Olympics - take a selfie in a
     sled built in Johnson City, painted by BT BOCES students

Check out a Skeleton Sled raced by the Jamaican Bobsled Team  (no joke).  You can wiggle in and try to steer in a dry run (no ice).

View sledding videos, incudling Randy Will on sled design & racing strategy.

Bend giant paperclips, Emboss in Braille, Print IBM banner messages,
Pick lottery number with 1980s Atari,  Punch and sort IBM cards.

Check out Ansco cameras and film history in our new exhibit
     Highlights of the Dodge Camera Collection.

 Its your last chance to create a hanging chad with a vintage Votomatic
  machine -Counting Your Votes exhibit closes Feb 24th.

Admission $5/person, includes seasonal snacks.   Warm clothing recommended.

321 Water Street,  Binghamton, NY 13901             607-723-8600
email:                     Facebook:  TechWorksBing


Jimmy Shea - 2 Jamaican sledders.jpg

Gold medalist and co-founder of Legacy Sleds, Jimmy Shea with Skeleton sled and Jamaican sledders who raced the sled in the TechWorks! collection.  Experience it yourself!