Super GAT-1 from Smithsonian does it's first loop

The GAT-1 team continues to advance in refurbishing the Microflite GAT-1 donated by the National Air & Space Museum in mid-April.  See attached 20 second video - Bob Swarts, pilot; Carl Mazzini (maroon shirt) and Gordy Ruston (navy shirt) review motion system status.  Dave Tripp, Atlanta, original programmer on the Super GAT-1, advised by phone on software/hardware configuration this morning.   Larry Woods provided a box of GAT-1 parts from his garage collection.  The team hopes to resolve issues with audio (probable missing sound card) and yaw motion (perhaps turned off in software) in the coming weeks.
Please stop by 321 Water Street some Tuesday or Thursday morning 10am to noon to advise, deliver a vintage sound card (:-} !) or documentation; perhaps pilot one of the GAT-1s.