Precision drilling in circuit boards is critical to the evolution and success of circuit packaging technology.  Drilling technology is key to reliable manufacture of multi-layer electronic packaging.  IBM Endicott pioneered drilling machines capable of drilling hundreds of millimeter holes placed with millimeter accuracy. 

To quote Cynthia Giroux, retired head of research at Corning Inc. - If you can't make it, you can't sell it.  Within IBM, Manufacturing Research was based in Endicott until the mid-1980s.  Products designed and engineered throughout the company were sent to Endicott to optimize manufacturing methods. Karl Hermann, IBM Fellow, led the Manufacturing Engineering team for decades, before being sent to IBM Austin to set up the microelectronics manufacturing there.  Don Seraphim, also IBM Fellow,  helped drive IBM Endicott's leadership role in pioneering circuit packaging miniaturization. 

To demonstrate the principles of drill control, vintage single spindle drills were aquired by donation from i3 Electronics, Endicott, NY, a successor company to the IBM Endicott Microelectronics Group.  The VICC team, with the help of drilling experts at i3 Electronics,  brainstormed a project to demonstrate the capabilities of Spindle Drill technology using the vintage equipment under visitor control, using a to-be-designed and built modern controller device. The task of refurbishing the spindle drills and defining visitor activities has been assigned to the Watson School of Engineering Capstone program as a two team project - 2015/16 - 2016/71, under the leadership of Art Law. 

Spindle Drill