Mrs. Stephanie Frailey worked in the Jigger Factory, stitching, and ended up in Sunrise Factory working on the hot iron cutting patterns. It wasn't that hard and they got so used to it that they could work in their dreams. In the Jigger factory, they had the top of the sneaker done. They had to put it through a machine before sending it on to get it soled. They put all the small pieces together and then it was ready for the oven. Everything was in the same building.  

EJ was very sincere in caring for people. They took care of all medical needs, sold dinners for 15 cents. Anyone could eat there, even if they didn't work there. Kids would come in from school. There were 7 diners around town. Mrs. Frailey had many jobs over the years. For example, at the Scout Factory, she worked at insoles off and on between having children.  They had a good time in the factory. They talked as much as they could, but they were busy working, so they had to concentrate a lot, and the machines could get loud.

They did have coffee breaks, and they made their own coffee. It was a good place to work. Candy boys would come around and sell snacks during the morning and afternoon breaks. In each department, sequentially, operations ceased for 10-15 minutes while the Candy boys sold their wares and the employees took a break.The factories where glueing occurred had a distinct odor, but were quieter than the sticheries. The sticheries were very loud, but had no smell. She liked the factories where she could work at her own pace unlike the conveyor belt.  The guys would put lasts down, then the girls would put the rubber in. The conveyor was there, and each girl would put a piece on - rubber, lining, toe piece, soles, etc.