The 1403-N1 printer was developed for the IBM System/360 in the early 1960s. It printed camera-ready pages at 1100 lines per minute, with very legible carbon copies. Customers included the Atomic Energy Commission, who could print top secret publications in house, without risking information leaks. TechWorks! 1403-N1 printer was donated by Robert Garner. A team of IBM printer group engineers, Triple Cities MakerSpace members, and Binghamton University Watson School of Engineering seniors in 2013/14 and 2014/15 designed, built, and programmed a Printer Controller device to operate the 1403-N1. The machine made its Action Debut on May 16, 2015, printing lines 16 characters wide. Dr. Emerson Pugh, past president of IEEE, presented the keynote speech on the occasion.



Team Members

  • Eric Adler
  • Bob Arnold
  • Don Blake
  • Peter Haviland
  • Nick Hekman
  • Mohammed Imran
  • Ryan Kulesza
  • Art Law
  • Bob Lusch
  • Don Manning
  • Jack Maynard
  • Tom Schappe
  • Jim Ulrich
  • Yuchao Wang
  • John Wiseman
  • Dave Woodward
  • Alena Yampolskaya


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   Southern Tier PC Club Presentation by Art Law, March 2015