Veterans of Silicon Valley's Computer History Museum IBM 1401 Demo Lab join the VICC team June 7th-9th to jumpstart restoration of IBM 1401 system, donated by Paul Pierce, Portland, OR.

2016 Vintage IBM Computing Center - Year End Summary

The Vintage IBM Computing Center (VICC) showcases a range of mid-20th century IBM products in operating condition.  VICC visitors punch and sort cards, challenge an operational IBM 1440 system to solve math problems, and print souvenir messages on the IBM 1403-N1 printer. 

Work in progress:  Complete the 1440 system with a new logic panel to interface with a 1442 card reader-punch using SLT technology and build   cables to connect and test a 1311 disc drive.                        Revitalize a recently acquired IBM 1401 system.  

Planned work:  The VICC team plans to replicate the Computer History Museum design for PC-control of keypunch machines for visitor use.  When the 1401 and 1440 systems are fully operational, demonstrate head-to-head operation of 600 lines per minute printing (1401/1403) and 1100 lines per minute (1440/1403-N1).

The VICC team is in search of an System 360 - Model 30, an all Endicott product, to bring back to life. Thoughts on where to find a S/360 Mod 30?

UK Computer Conservation Society honors TechWorks! IBM printer project, Nov 2016, details at IBM 1403-N1 project page

Class of 2016 Watson School - TechWorks! Senior Projects

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